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  Gov't requests quicker cargo handling at seaport

The Government on September 29 issued an Official Dispatch requesting quicker cargo handling in seaports nationwide.

Goods that violated the Basel Convention must be subjected to the regulations of the Convention.

When unexpected situation emerges, the Ministry of Finance will be responsible for coordinating with relevant agencies to work out proper solutions.

Regarding cargo handling in seaports, the Government urged ministries and localities to actively take measures to speed up the processing of customs procedures and cargo handling.

Ministries and agencies were also requested to strictly and quickly implement the PMs instructions in Official Dispatches No. 7864/VPCP-KTTH dated on November , 2010 and No. 8628/VPCP-KTTH dated on November 26, 2010 on the settlement of cargoes stuck in seaports.

: Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment
Date: 10/03/2011
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