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Distinguished delegates,


Ladies and Gentlemen,


In the situations that our country is trying with all its utmost to achieve its socio – economic targets 2008, It is honorable for Khanh Hoa Province, together with Vietnam Seaport Association, to hold VPA Annual meeting 2008.


On behalf of Khanh Hoa leadership, I would like to welcome warmly all delegates and guests, and thanks for your full attendance at the meeting today.

Ladies and Gentlemen,


To carry out Resolution No. 09 –NQ/TW dated 09/02/2007 by the 10th Executive Board of the Central Committee of Communist Party on Vietnam marine strategies to 2020, Resolution No. 27/2007/NQ-CP dated 30/05/2007 by State launching governmental action program about implementation of 4th Conference Resolution of 10th Executive Board of the Central Committee of Communist Party on Vietnam marine strategies to 2020; Action planning of Khanh Hoa leadership, Khanh Hoa is focusing on turning Nha Trang city in to a centre of tourism, commercial service and international transaction, cultural exchange; a key zone providing essential urban services for industrial and service development of the province and the south of Vietnam central – Tay Nguyen to become first - class city. Besides Nha Trang City, Van Phong Industrial Zone is also approved by the State to grow in to multi-discipline ecomomics key zone locally and internationally.


Determined to successfully perform the Resolution of 15th provincial assembly. Khanh Hoa province is now pushing investment promotions, gathering all resources to utilize its potential advantages in key economic zones of the southern central for socio – economic development creating a great change in regional economic development.


Thanks to the State concern, many industries and Vietnam maritime Agency have invested in upgrading Nha Trang port with the wharf of 20.000 DWT which is -11.8 meter depth, and is able to accommodate vessels loading up to 20.000 and big cruiser…to reduce transportation cost facilitating good import/export activities, further the value of the agriculture produce, attract investing projects, strengthen commercial and tourism operations…support to operate well the local potential and resources, create more jobs for the labor, and meet the demand of the integration and the country industrialization and modernization.


Those achievements is a consistent consequence of continuously performing main Program to develop to the highest degree of the potentiality and favorable natural conditions, take the advantage of advocacy of the central government, related ministry, Ministry of Transport, Vietnam maritime Agency. We can say that, till now, Nha Trang has been the call of big sized ship in southern central ports. As a central point with these conditions, Nha Trang bay is the one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world. As a vestige of famous landscape – Nha trang city is the center of Nha trang and near Da lat City of Lam dong province. Tourists coming to Nha trang port are able to choose a suitable tour. The development of Nha Trang Port, Van Phong International transshipment Container Terminal and other ports in the province has, in fact, created more favorable opportunities for investors, having an important part in the economic growth of the key southern central – Tay Nguyen area in general.


These initial results mentioned above are of great importance for Khanh Hoa Province, showing the concern of the central government, of marine industry for sea economic development of the whole country in general and of Nha Trang Port in particular. We are very interested in the achievements that VPA has gained for Vietnam Seaport System development in the integration process with international port systems. The infrastructure improvement as well as upgrading the port service quality and solutions to market expansion have played a big role in maintaining and assuring the increasing speed of cargo volume passing through main transportation system, greatly contributing to the implementation of socio – economic development locally and nationwide.


In this meeting, we would like to recommend VPA to be more supportive, meet the information demand, popularize all port members to raise the position and confirm the role &strength of each port, further the human resource training, facilitating ports in promoting their International relationship with international ports…utilize the infrastructure and develop the investment effectiveness, satisfying the demand of socio – economic growth for each region. It is recommended that the central government, Ministry of transport, Vietnam maritime Agency approve of allowing big cruiser to call in Nha Trang wharf, pay attention to improve marine safety system, so the ports in Khanh Hoa can provide enough conditions for ship movement, arrival and departure 24/24 hours per day.


As for Khanh Hoa Province, The people committee will instruct marine operations in the area, invest in projects of heavy industry production, especially port system to operate well all the available potentiality and resources, creating the outstanding step of development. Khanh Hoa Province acknowledges the contributions of ports in the region to become developed port equal with an international port, contributing to socio – economical growth of the provice and the region.

Once again, thanks VPA for choosing Nha Trang Port – Khanh Hoa Province to be the host of VPA annual meeting 2008 at Nha Trang.


Wish good health to everybody and great success to the meeting.


Thank you!

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