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Hai Phong city "no gangland"; police official
A high-ranking police official recently rejected rumors that northern port city Hai Phong had any organized crime gangs although three violent assaults on officials were reported since May.

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Trucks banned from traffic in inner city
The HCM City government has banned trucks of more than 2.5 tons from traffic in the inner city from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., beginning on December 20.

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Vietnam is a safe destination; U.S. newspaper
USA Today, a newspaper with the largest circulation in the U.S., published an article Dec. 10 featuring the development of Vietnamís tourism industry and describing Vietnam as a safe and undiscovered destination

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Tiger Cup: Vietnam crushes Cambodia 9-1
The Vietnamese national players had an easy win over the Cambodia team and got their Tiger Cup 2004 campaign back on track by wrapping up the Dec. 9 game nine goals to one.

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Vietnam-U.S. trade is "blooming": US Consul General
Ho Chi Minh City's U.S. Consul General Seth D. Winnick talked about the new direct air flights between the two countries and their trade prospects.

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Singapore ties Vietnam in Tiger Cup opener
Vietnam and Singapore each pocketed one point following a 1-1 tie in the Tiger Cup 2004 opening game Dec. 7 in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Singapore to bolster all-round cooperation with Vietnam
Singapore is willing to share its experience in economy, trade and investment with Vietnam, stressed visiting Singapore Prime Minister during a Tuesday discussion with Vietnam's Communist Party chief.

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India-ASEAN car rally arrives in Vietnam
A car rally carrying 300 officials, reporters and technicians from Indian and ASEAN countries arrived at the Lao-Vietnam border in Quang Tri province Dec. 1.

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Donors to pledge big grants to Vietnam at WB meeting
Vietnam should receive big sums of financial aid for 2005 from foreign donors at the World Bank-chaired Consultative Group meeting Dec. 1 because of the country's successful growth, said WBs country director.

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VPA offers to subsidize trucks on port tollroads
The Vietnam Seaports Association (VPA) has written to the HCMC government offering to subsidize the tolls that truck drivers must pay on Nguyen Tat Thanh and Huynh Tan Phat streets.

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