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VPA 2003 Annual Meeting to be hosted by Qui Nhon Port
on August 26-27, 2003

      Based on the decision of the VPA 2002 Annual Meeting held in Nghe An Province on September 2002 and the proposal of the Director of Qui Nhon Port for approval by the Executing Committee of VPA, the 2003 Annual Meeting of VPA shall be held on August 26-27, 2003 at Qui Nhon Hotel. The Event is hosted by Qui Nhon Port. Accommodation for guests and delegates shall be arranged by the Organizer at Qui Nhon Hotel and Hai Au Hotel.

      The Meeting is expected to draw full participation of the directors and delegates from 36 member ports, officials from the Government Office, Ministry of Transportation, Vinamarine, Vinalines, People’s Committee of Qui Nhon City and other agencies and authorities. The Event shall be covered by the central and local mass media.

      The delegates and officials are supposed to discuss and decide on various matters concerning the port business in Vietnam including port development, operations, cooperation, exchange of experiences, transfer of technology etc. to meet the economic demand of the country in general and to tackle opportunities and challenges of international economic integration faced by member ports in the coming years in particular.

      Sponsorship opportunities shall also be offered to interested parties.

      So far, the following companies have sponsored the VPA annual Meeting 2003 in Quy Nhon and will be represented at the Meeting: LIEBHERR-werk Nenzing GmbH, Kranbau Eberswalder (KE), Muller & Partner GmbH (MP), GenSoft, UNICO Handels GmbH, GOTTWALD Port Technology, SENNEBOGEN, MacGREGOR, MRS Briefer GbmH.

      Qui Nhon province is also famous of its growing attraction in tourism and potentials for port related industries. The participants shall have the opportunities to promote business as well as to explore the beauty and tourist services of this seaside resort province.

      We will keep you updated on further development of the Meeting.

      For further information and inquiries, please contact VPA Secretariat at vpa@hcm.vnn.vn


489 Nguyen Hue St,. Quy Nhon City
Tel: 846473 - 846377
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Address: 8-10 Nguyen Hue st, Quy Nhon city, Vietnam
Tel: 84.56.892401/892402/891978
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