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Forewords of VPA Chairman

Forewords of VPA Chairman

Vietnam Seaport Association (VPA) is now having 40 members ports with annual cargo throughput accounting for more than 80% of the country total. VPA has been considered by the Government and the maritime community as one of the most effective and successful associations within the transport sector of Vietnam.

The VPA Web Page is an information exchange site for meeting the requirements of its member ports and also to provide a forum for the country maritime industry and port related communities to co-operate and develop more effectively and competitively under the era of IT and E-commerce.

Under the Government policy, VPA has also been promoting business relation and cooperation with other regional and international organization of ports and port related businesses. In the future, the scope of this web page should therefore cover a much wider area of mutual interests and participation.

VPA is to serve the interest of our country based on the interest of member ports and to provide best opportunities for best partners…

Mr. Le Cong Minh
Chairman of VPA