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Cai Mep International Terminal welcomes the first maiden call of AES3 service deployed by TRANSFAR SHIPPING

On August 9th 2022, M/v ZHONG GU SHAN DONG with a tonnage of 44,146 DWT was accommodated successfully at Cai Mep International Terminal (CMIT) to handle nearly 1,700 TEUs of import and export cargoes. This is the first maiden call of the new service AES3 operated by TRANSFAR SHIPPING at Cai Mep connecting Vietnam with the US market, to meet the fast-growing fulfillment demand for cross-border E-commerce businesses.

With high crane productivity at 32 moves/hour/crane, all nearly 1,700 TEUs of cargoes were handled safely and quickly at CMIT in only 09 hours then the M/v ZHONG GU SHAN DONG safely departed at 20:10 same day to continue its journey as planned.

TRANSFAR SHIPPING is an emerging and fast-growing shipping company, supported by Cainiao Network of Alibaba Group. With the development direction focusing on end-to-end logistics activities, TRANSFAR now specializes in transporting e-commerce goods from Chinese and Asian countries to the North America market. TRANSFAR SHIPPING has recently launched their ABC End-2-End Service with their own & brand-new chassis pool and off-dock facilities in Los Angeles, which helps e-commerce customers, e-commerce logistics companies and traditional logistics customers eliminate uncertainties in performance services and greatly reduce the possibility of unforeseen expenses.

TRANSFAR SHIPPING’s Chief Operating Officer – Mr. Robin Li shared that: “Stable high productivity, safe operation procedures and top service quality are the key factors that help TRANSFAR choose CMIT to become one of the reputable destinations to call for this new service.”

“The new service of TRANSFAR calling at CMIT is not only good news for CMIT but also shows the trust of shipping lines in the strong growth potential of Vietnam’s foreign trade in spite of the context of being affected by many macro socio-economic factors”, said Nguyen Xuan Ky, General Director of CMIT.

The US market is the biggest export market of Vietnam with an export turnover of USD 55.96 billion in the first half of 2022, accounting for 30% of the general export turnover. This new service AES3 operated by TRANSFAR contributes to the increase of mainline services at CMIT connecting directly to the US to 5 services/week. Vietnamese exports are being connected to the US market with the best service at CMIT which is contributing into the strong development of Vietnam – US trade.