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79-CP Decree No.79-CP of  November 22,1995 of the government ratifying the statute on the organization and operation of the vietnam national shipping lines.
55/CP Decree No.55/CP of October 1, 1996 of the government on the activities of foreign warships visiting the socialist republic of vietnam.
780/1996/TTg Decisions No.780/1996/TTg of October 23, 1996 of the prime minister on setting up the national committee for air and sea search and rescue.
91-CP Decree No.91-CP of August 23,1997 of the government issuing the regulation on the registration of sea-going ships and crews.
40/1998/ND-CP Decree No.40/1998/ND-CP of June 10, 1998 on the shipping business by companies and private enterprises.
53/1998/ND-CP Decree No.53/1998/ND-CP of July 21, 1998 on the organization and activities of the vietnam marine police.
72/1998/ND-CP Decree no. 72/1998/ND-CP of September 15, 1998 on ensuring safety for fishermen and fishery means on the sea.
99/1998/ND-CP Decree no. 99/1998/ND-CP of November 28, 1998 on the management of sea-going vessel purchase and sale.
92/1999/ND-CP Decree No. 92/1999/ND-CP of September 4, 1999 on sanctions against administrative violations in the maritime field.
10/2001/ND-CP Decree No.10/2001/ND-CP of March 19, 2001 of the government regarding business conditions for maritime service provisions
No.23/2001/ND-CP Decree No.23/2001/ND-CP of May 30, 2001 amending and supplementing a number of articles of the regulation of the regulation on the registration of sea-going ships and crew members, issued together with the government’ s decree no.91/cp of august 23, 1997.
24/2001/ND-CP Decree No. 24/2001/ND-CP of May 30, 2001 amending and supplementing a number of articles of the regulation on management of maritime activities at sea ports and maritime zones of vietnam, promulgated together with the government’ s decree no. 13/cp of february 23, 1994.
57/2001/ND-CP Decree No.57/2001/ND-CP of August 24, 2001 on the sea-shipping business conditions.
34/2003/ND-CP Decree no. 34/2003/ND-CP of April 4, 2003 prescribing the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the ministry of communications and transport.
The Ministry of Communications and Transport
49/2005/QD-BGTVT Decision No. 49/2005/QD-BGTVT of October 4, 2005, on the application of the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea.
48/2005/QD-BGTVT Decision No. 48/2005/QD-BGTVT of September 30, 2005, on marine accident reporting and investigation.
41/2005/QD-BGTVT Decision No. 41/2005/QD-BGTVT of September 16, 2005, providing for order and procedures for certifying the submission of sea protests in Vietnam.
2756/2002/QD-BGTVT The ministry of communications and transport decision no. 2756/2002/QD-BGTVT of August 29, 2002 issuing the regulation on marine-accident reporting and investigation
National Assembly
Vietnam Maritime Code (27/6/2005)"
Vietnamese Maritime Code (30/6/1990)
Standing Committee of National Assembly
3-L/CTN Ordinance on The Vietnam Coast Guard (7/4/98)