Trang chủ / 9 SONG HAN PORT


1. Port’s name & contact address

Port’s name: SONG HAN 9 PORT
Under: Da Nang Ocean Shipping and Trading Co. – Da Nang City’s Department of Transport and Public Works
Port’s location: 16°03’40″N – 108°13’6″E
Pilot boarding position: 16°10’N – 108°11’E
Address: 156 Bach Dang St., Da Nang City
Tels. No.: 84.511.3822977
Fax No.: 84.511.3834796

2. Management

3. Access channel

Length: 3 km.
Depth: 7.0 m.
Average tidal range: 0.9 m.
Tidal regime: semi-diurnal. Draft: 7.9 m.
Maximum size of vessel accepted: 7,000 GRT

4. Infrastructure and equipment

. Berth facilities:

. Storage facilities:

Total port area: 30,000 m2, of which:
Warehouse/shed: 9,000 m, of wich CFS: 6,000 m2.
Open storage: 15,000 m2.

. Major equipment:

Type: Rubber-tyred crane
No. : 2
Capacity: 15 MT

5. Cargo throughput


6. Development Plans

Project: Relocating the existing port and constructing a new terminal at Vung Thung-Son Tra
Investment capital: VND 70 billion
Time planning & status implementation: 2 years being conducted.


7. Main services

Cargo handling, transporting, warehousing, and bagging. Mechanical repairs. Tug assistance. Ship agent