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Khai Thác Cảng


The questionnaire is intended to generate information from APA members on the procedures being implemented, utilization of resources and standards adopted in port operations particularly those pertaining to cargo handling, pilotage and tug services. It is important that complete and accurate answers are provided since the latter will provide the basis for the preparation of the Best Practices Manual in the ASEAN.

One set of questionnaire should be accomplished per port/terminal. Questions are grouped by major area. Answers to the questions may be indicated by checking the corresponding box or by filling-in the blanks/tables provided after the questions or by indicating “Not Applicable”.

It will be very helpful if respondent ports will include a brief narrative/discussion of issues/problems relating to areas/questions covered by the survey. Such narrative should include the proposed solutions or actions undertaken by the port to address issues/problems identified. Please use separate sheets if necessary.

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