Trang chủ / B12 OIL TERMINAL


1. Port’s name & contact address

Port’s name: B12 OIL TERMINAL
Under: B12 Petroleum Company – Vietnam National Petroleum Corp.
Port’s location: 20°57’54″N – 103°03’17″E
Pilot boarding position: 20°43′ 04″N – 107°10′ 03″E
Address: Quarter 1, Bai Chay, Quang Ninh Pro.
Tels. No.: 84.33.3846360 / 3846689
Fax No.: 84.33.3847091
Email: /

2. Management

3. Access channel

– Lenght: 30 km. Channel depth: -9.7m
– Tidal regime: regular diurnal.
– Average tidal range: 3.7m
– Maximum draft: -13,0m.
– Maximum size of vessel accepted: 40,000 DWT

4. Infrastructure and equipment

.Berth facilities:

. Storage facilities:

Total warehousing area: 5.6 ha
Tank storage area: 2.3 ha.
12 tanks of 90,000m3 for storing petroleum.

. Major equipment:

5. Cargo throughput

6. Development Plans

Project :
Repairing and upgradingg of port facilities and equipments

Total cost of investment: VND 7 million

Implementation: 2015

7. Main services

Handling all kind of tankers at port. Tug assistances and maritime salvage. Rescuing against oil-spills. Ship chandlers. Maintenance and repairs of vessel equipments. Wholesale, retail by waterway transport of petroleum. Washing and treatment of oil-contaminated water