1. Name and Address

Under: Command of the Vietnam People’s Navy
Port’s location:
– Tan Cang-Cat Lai Terminal: 10°45’25″N – 106°47’40″E
– Tan Cang-Cai Mep Terminal: 1045’25″N – 10647’40″E
Pilot boarding position: 10°20’40”N – 107°02’E
Address: End of Dien Bien Phu street, ward 22, Binh Thanh district, HCMC
Tels. No.: 84.8.37425469
Fax No.: 84.8.38993950
Email: info.snp@saigonnewport.com.vn
Website: www.saigonnewport.com.vn

2. Management

Director General Mr. Ngo Minh Thuan
Deputy D.G Mr Ngo Quang Chung
Deputy D.G Mr. Ngo Trong Phan
Deputy G.D Mr. Nguyen Van Hanh
Deputy D.G. Mr. Tran Khanh Hoang
Deputy D.G Mr. Phung Ngoc Minh
Deputy D.G Mr. Bui Si Tuan
Deputy D.G Mr. Nguyen Nang Toan

3. Access channel

. To Tan Cang-Cát Lái Terminal: 43 nautical miles. Channel depth: -8.5 m. Tidal regime: irregular semi-diurnal. Average tidal range: 4 m. Maximum draft: -11,5 m. Maximum size of vessel accepted: 40,000 DWT. (160.000 DWT  Tan Cang Cai Mep and  HICT)
. To Tan Cang-Cai Mep Terminal: Nautical miles. Channel depth: –14.0 m. Maximum draft: -15.8 m. Maximum size of vessel accepted: 115,000 DWT.

Storage facilities: Total port area: 2,226.979 m2
Container Yard: 1.712.000 m2. Warehouse: 195.368 m2

4. Berths

Total: 6.059 m Tan Cang Nhon Trach: 167m, Tan Cang Cai mep: 1500 m, Tan cang Hiep Phuoc: 763 m; HICT: 750m

5. Storage facilities

Total port area: 6.533.513 m2. Cat Lai Terminal: 1.600.000 m2, Song Than ICD: 500.000 m2, Nhon Trach Terminal: 270.000 m2, Tan Cang-Cai Mep: 1.080.000 m2,  Long Binh: 2.300.000 m2

-Warehouse: 602.650 m2. Trong do: ,Tan cang Cat Lai: 46.250 m2, Tan Cang Song Than: 200.000 m2, Tan Cang Cai mep: 6400 m2, Tan cang Long Binh: 335.000 m2.Long Binh ICD: 244,000 m2. Tan Cang-Hai Phong ICD: 700m2, Tan Cang-Hiep Phuoc: 18,000m2, DIC Tan Cang-Cai Mep: 12,000m2, Tan Cang –ITC Phu Huu: 12,000m2. Tan Cang –ODA Cai Mep: 6,400m2.

-Container Yard: 3.364.097 m2. ,Tan cang Cat Lai: 1.050.000 m2, Tan Cang Song Than: 300.000 m2, Tan Cang Nhon Trach: 110.00 m2, Tan Cang Cai mep: 1.013.600 m2, Tan cang Long Binh: 156.000 m2  Tan Cang-Mien Trung Terminal: 40,000m2,Tan Cang-Hiep Phuoc Terminal: 90,000m2,DIC Tan Cang-Cai Mep: 15,000m2 , Tan Cang-ITC Phú Huu Terminal: 20,000 m2, Tan Cang-ODA Cai Mep Terminal: 473,600m2.

6. Equipments

Type No. Capacity
Floating crane 1 100 MT
Quayside crane for handling container 35 35-65 MT
Rail-mounted mobile crane for handling container 2 36MT
Quayside-fixed crane for handling container 11 36 MT
Rubber tyred gantry crane – RTG 103 36-40 MT
Rail-mounted gantry crane – RMGC 6 32 – 36 MT
Reach staker 42 28-42 T
Forklift for empty container 24 8-10MT
Forkliftfor CFS 65 2.5-7 MT
Prime mover 485 171~385 HP
Tug boat 10 615-2560 HP
Self-propeller barge 35 16~54 TEUs
Reefer points 3,230
Rubber-tyred mobile crane 4 60-400 MT
Dredger 1 50 m3/h
Impulsive rammer 5 3.5-7.2 MT
Road roller 9
Bulldozer 2

7. Cargo throughput

8. Development Plans

Project Common information
Tan Cang-Lach Huyen Terminal
Total land erea: 200 ha, 09 berths, total wharf length: 2,100 m
Business activities: termina operations, logistics services, free trade center
Tan Cang-Petro Cam Ranh
.  Location: Cam Ranh peninsula, Khanh Hoa province.
.  Total area: 54.11 ha
.  Berth length: 1,280m berth, 557m embankment.
.  Capacity: 110,000DWT.
Maritime services to all kind of ships; supplying food and spare parts; serving sailors and cruise tourists; health services; marine and navy exhibition.

9. Main activities services

–  Terminal / Yard / Warehousing  services
– Free port and  transshipment port  services
– Inland haulage & waterway transport,  tugboat services
–  ICD services / Cargo handling, tallying services
– Customs clearance and logistics services
–  ICD services. Cargo handling, tallying and delivering
– International multi-modal transport services
–  Pilotage services
– Maritime services and brokerage. Sea transport and shipping agency
–  Vessel sanitation & repairing/ Ship chandlers services
–  Construction and repairing of marine, industrial and civil works
–  Dredging and salvage services  on sea and in river
– Real estate & office building
– Exhibition, conference & trade center
– Production of construction materials
– Oil / Petroleum agent & transport
– Technical and mechanical services
– Education and training in maritime and logistics. Human resources, employment promotion activities. Consultancy activities for domestic and international ports, maritime companies and individuals.
– Providing IT solution and application, IT workforce. IT training services. IT equipment agent.