1. Port’s name & contact address

Port’s name: PTSC DINH VU PORT
Under: Dinh Vu Petroleum Technical Services Joint Stock Company
Port’s geographical position: 20°30’ N – 106°45’44″ E
Pilot boarding position: 20°40’N – 106°51’E
Address: KCN Đình Vũ, phường Đông Hải 2, Hải An, HP
Tel: 0313.979710
Fax: 313.979712
Email: ptscdv@ptscdinhvu.com.vn
Website: www.ptscdinhvu.com.vn

2. Management

3. Access channel

Total length: 25,9 km. Depth along side: -5.4 m.

Tidal regime: nhật triều.

Average variation: 2.7 m.

Highest draft : 8,5 m.

Maximum size of vessel accepted: 20,000 DWT

4. Berth facities

5. Storage facities

Total area: 138.269 m2

Warehouse: 3.249 m2

6. Major equipment

7. Cargo throughput

8. Development plan

Project :  80 metres in length

Total cost of investment: VND 84.5 billion

 Implementation Expanding of wharf: 2014-2015

9. Main services

  • Container port operations and petroleum services base.
  • By-land and waterway transports. Leasing and chartering transportation means and tugboats to overseas and local partners.
  • Financial investment. Stock exchanges. Joint venture with overseas and local partners to implement projects of transport and port services.
  • Other business services in compliance with law and regulations.